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Exam Archive

Welcome to the HKN exam archive!

This archive is a curated list of past exams in the EECS, ENGR, and MATH departments. Students may upload PDF files of their previous exams here, and view the exams that others have submitted. We hope that this archive will help students learn course content and better prepare for their EECS exams.


  1. In order to comply with academic integrity policy, all submissions must be approved by the professor who administered the exam. We will contact the professor upon receiving your submission.
  2. Only exams are allowed in this archive. Quizzes and homework are strictly prohibited. After all, we can't expect our professors to come up with new quizzes and homeworks each year.
  3. This exam archive is only open to CWRU students. To submit an exam, or view one, you must log in with your Case ID.

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