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Eta Kappa Nu is the national honor society for Electrical Engineering and Computer science. Eta Kappa Nu (abbreviated HKN) was founded at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1904. Currently, HKN has over 200 chapters in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Membership to HKN is by invitation only and is extended to junior and senior level undergraduates. Eligibility depends mostly on academic performance, personal character, voluntary services, and distinguished accomplishments.

Eta Kappa Nu is widely recognized throughout the fields of electrical and computer engineering, both in academia and in industry. By joining, you become a member of a very select group of engineers. Members have an opportunity to build bonds with other top members of their ECE class, interact with faculty beyond the classroom setting, and meet with industry representatives at HKN meetings. Members can run for office in the organization to broaden their leadership skills and develop relationships with the faculty and staff of the EECS department. HKN is a service oriented organization, so its members have ample opportunity to give back to the community both at Case and in the local community. Members get the most out of their membership by being involved with the organization, but membership is lifelong regardless of participation.

The Zeta Chapter of HKN was founded in 1910 and is one of the oldest chapters in the country. The HKN Zeta chapter has long served to provide outstanding students with an opportunity to grow as both leaders and professionals here at Case Western Reserve University.